Online Bootcamp

A 7 day intensive online training on songwriting, vocals, audio and video production, and influencer management

Course Overview

  • Creator Vs Creative Philosophy
  • Influencer Management:: Training and Commissioning
  • Songwriting: Different approaches to songwriting, Scripture-based and heavenly melodies,Cco-writing, Rhyme schemes, Translations, Polishing
  • Singing: Basics of Hindustani Music, Voice and Breath Control, Know Your Originality, Octaves, Vibrato, Standing notes, Singing semi-classical
  • Filmmaking: Media theories, Standards and composition, Pre-production, Production, Post-production
  • Music Production: DAW, Templates, Song planning, Programming, Building up, Mixing and mastering

Course Highlights

  • 3 hours of immersive training per module
  • Engaging individual and group assignments
  • Personalized one-on-one sessions with industry experts
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Instant grading and constructive feedback on assignments
  • Holistic approach with personality optimization and mentoring
  • Dedicated student support for non-academic queries
  • Scholarships available for select students to attend our on-campus bootcamp

Why attend

Expand your creative horizons through hands-on training in songwriting, vocals, audio/video production, and influencer commissioning.

Make an Impact: Unleash your potential as a creator and become a valuable contributor, rather than a mere consumer. Our courses empower students to make a difference.

Industry-Relevant Syllabus: Stay ahead of the curve with trending, up-to-date, and future-oriented topics, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Connect with Experts: Learn directly from seasoned professionals in each specialized module and gain valuable guidance to accelerate your career.

Capstone Projects: Our learning-by-doing approach includes daily assignments that sharpen your skills. Receive immediate grading and feedback to enhance your performance.

Who should attend

If you have a passion for songwriting, singing, or filmmaking and possess a basic knowledge in these areas, then you’re eligible to apply.

Our Faculty

faculty sb

Sheldon Bangera

Founder & Dean of Jaago

CREATOR vs CREATIVE philosophy | Influencer Training | Influencer Commissioning

faculty ej

Emmanuel Joseph

Songwriting Faculty

Founder of JBC (Joseph Brother's and Crew) | Rapper, Everyday Fit Founder

faculty ah

Ashish Hansel

Filmmaking Faculty

Founder of Artist Block Cafe | Filmmaker, Founder of 4AM Productions

Titus Bhatti

Singing Faculty

| Sangeet visharat | Worshipper, Pastor and Bible College Graduate

Shalom Naik

Shalom Naik

Audio Producer faculty at Jaago