Business Development Course

A 7 day intensive online training to help you crack the code to scale up your business

Course Overview

Introduction to Sales Skills: Understanding the fundamentals of sales and building a strong foundation.

Effective Communication Techniques: Mastering persuasive communication to engage and influence customers.

Sales Strategies and Tactics: Learning proven strategies and tactics to close deals and drive sales growth.

Building Customer Relationships: Developing long-term relationships and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Objections and Negotiation: Identifying and addressing customer objections and negotiating win-win solutions.

Sales Analytics and Performance Tracking: Utilizing data-driven insights to optimize sales performance.

Sales Ethics and Professionalism: Upholding ethical standards and maintaining professionalism in sales.

Course Highlights

  • 14 hours of comprehensive online training
  • Engaging individual and group assignments
  • Personalized one-on-one sessions with industry experts
  • Immediate grading and valuable feedback on assignments
  • Holistic approach with personality optimization, mentoring, and need-gap analysis
  • Dedicated student support for non-academic queries
  • Emphasis on equipping you with job-ready skills

Why attend

Unlock the secrets of rapid business growth by acquiring essential business development skills, including effective selling, rapport building, objection handling, CRM utilization, and closing sales.

Make an Impact: Don’t settle for being a mere consumer. Our courses empower you to become a creator and make a meaningful contribution in the business world.

Industry-Relevant Syllabus: Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge and future-oriented topics, giving you a competitive advantage over your peers.

Connect with Experts: Learn directly from seasoned professionals in each specialized module, receiving guidance to fast-track your career.

Capstone Projects: Our practical approach includes daily assignments aligned with our learning-by-doing methodology, enabling you to sharpen your skills. Instant grading and feedback further enhance your performance.

Who should attend

If you’re new to business development, starting your own business, or facing challenges in fundraising for your non-profit organization, this course is perfect for you.